Postpartum Services

First Days


  • 4 hours per day
  • 3 days
  • 12 hours

First Weeks


  • 4 hours per day
  • 6 days
  • 24 hours

Overnight Care


Per Hour
  • 8 hours per night minimum
  • 5 nights
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Postpartum Doula

Birth is just the beginning of the exciting (and exhausting!) journey of motherhood. You and your partner don’t have to go through this time alone. If you do not have family or friends nearby to help you in the first few weeks after birth (and even if you do!), I can provide experienced, judgment-free support and encouragement for new moms, babies, and partners so you can feel confident as you enter a brand new phase of life. We can plan for me to join you at the hospital or after you bring baby home.

I can provide:

Everyone will be paying attention to the baby, but you just did all the hard work!

  • Personal care (showering, dressing, makeup and hair care)
  • Monitoring for postpartum mood disorders like depression or anxiety
  • Minor breastfeeding support
  • Interpreting and responding to baby’s cues
  • Bengkung belly binding (see below for more information)
  • Vaginal steams (see below for more information)

Bengkung Belly Binding

If you want to speed recovery of your stomach muscles, support your posture for breastfeeding, or just pamper your postpartum body and find emotional closure after pregnancy and labor, consider bengkung belly binding! This Malaysian tradition uses long, beautifully hand-dyed cotton or muslin wraps to bind your abdomen and hips as you recover from birth. Unlike Western-style belly bands, the bengkung wrap can be loosened or tightened to custom fit your body as it changes during the recovery process and is both supportive and flexible.

  • Batik or Muslin Belly Wrap


  • Initial Visit and Binding


  • Follow-Up Visit


Pregnancy and birth is all about opening your body for your baby and binding will help reseal you physically and emotionally. Binding encourages your stomach muscles, which have separated during pregnancy, to strengthen back together in a shorter period of time, helps to reshape your hips, can assist with diastasis recti and helps to support posture while breastfeeding. It also reduces the postpartum “pooch” that many women experience as their womb and stomach organs protrude out due to poor muscle control in the abdomen.

Vaginal Steams

  • Hopefully you already know this, but your uterus and vagina go through A LOT to bring a baby into the world! After you have healed from delivery (and you will heal, I promise!), treat your yoni to some much-needed love. Vaginal herbal steam baths, known as chai yok in Korean tradition and bajos (pronounced ba-hoes) in Spanish, nurture a woman’s most sacred area. Many women report having better sex, feeling more confident about their vagina, having more self-awareness and a deeper connection with their reproductive system, improvements in fertility, healing from traumatic birth experiences and much more.
  • Relax at home with herb-infused steam that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through your vaginal tissue. This is a great way to support your reproductive health by cleansing the uterine membranes and vaginal tissue of any stagnant or incompletely emptied menstrual fluids. It can also be used to encourage irregular menstruation.

    You do not want to wear undergarments when doing a vaginal steam. It is normal and healthy to have discharge and brown or pink bleeding after treatment.

  • This treatment can be done every couple of weeks for fertility and at least twice a year for wellness. The only time you do not want to do a vaginal steam is during pregnancy or when you are having any vaginal bleeding, such as your period or any postpartum bleeding. Once you are fully healed, I will come set up the steam in your sanitized bathroom so you never have to leave the comfort of home.
  • Steam service starts at $50.

Meal Planning

For moms who are plagued with morning sickness, nausea, or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, eating can be an unexpected pleasure after the baby is born, but who has time to cook with a new baby in the house? Planning ahead for this simple comfort will ease the initial anxiety and stress and be one less thing on your plate (haha) after you come home.

Meal planning services start at $75.

If friends and family are nearby and want to help, I can coordinate meal preparation and delivery to meet your needs and desires, from food preferences to dietary restrictions to drop off times. (Any time but nap time!) You won’t need to fuss with an online signup after the baby comes home.

If you’d rather have meals ready to go, I can prepare freezer meals before the birth, make shopping lists and pick up groceries, or plan and make meals that you can enjoy without worrying about prep or cleanup. I can also suggest foods and dishes that support breastfeeding and postpartum recovery.

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