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Postpartum Doula

My friend booked Christina for postpartum services with her son and raved about how helpful it was. Since this was my first child I knew I needed help and assistance after birth. It helped knowing that a knowledgeable doula was with my newborn baby assisting in getting him on a sleeping and feeding schedule. She met with us prior [to birth] on a Zoom call to go over all our questions before my son arrived, which was incredibly helpful. She even bent her schedule to assist with Logan on day 1 when he came 4 weeks early. We had Christina from day 1 so I never had to figure out what to do without her!

Jennifer H.

postpartum doula client

Birth is just the beginning of the exciting (and exhausting!) journey of parenthood. You and your partner don’t have to go through this time alone. A postpartum doula provides a special type of support that family and friends may not be able to.

Your family may love you but they often bring in their own needs and expectations when you really just need someone to focus on you.

Friends can pitch in with meals and errands, but who can you ask to watch your newborn for eight hours so you can actually take a nap and a shower?

If you do not have family or friends nearby to help you in the first few weeks after birth (and even if you do!) I provide experienced, judgment-free support and encouragement for new parents, babies, and partners so you can feel confident as you enter a brand new phase of life. 

We can plan for me to join you at the hospital or after you bring baby home.

Help for birthing parent

Everyone will be paying attention to the baby, but you just did all the hard work! I can help with:

  • Personal care (showering, dressing, makeup and hair care)
  • Monitoring for postpartum mood disorders like depression or anxiety
  • Minor breast/chestfeeding support
  • Interpreting and responding to baby’s cues
  • Bengkung belly binding

Help for baby

I can help with getting baby settled in at home, establishing safe and healthy routines, and watching over baby so you and your partner can actually sleep when the baby sleeps.

  • Creating a safe, working space for baby
  • Soothing
  • Diapering
  • Bathing

Help for partners

The birthing parent gets all the well-deserved credit, but birth partners work hard (and lose sleep!) too. Support for the partner means they can focus on the new baby, the birthing parent, and their own experience as a parent.

Care for multiples

Double (or triple!) the babies, double the fun! …and the diapers, and the bottles, and the crying…

I have lots of experience caring for multiples. Let me help you feel less outnumbered and overwhelmed!

We had twin boys…two months early. We also have a toddler at home. Christina’s experience and kind nature allowed us to get things done without having to worry about the boys. Often, I handed her at least one crying baby the second she arrived. (And she was ALWAYS punctual!) She quickly learned our little boys’ personalities and needs, and adjusted as they began to grow. 

Also, her help in cleaning/prepping bottles for the next day and laundry was incredibly helpful. I woke up every morning knowing that everything was under control. She reported on any concerns and offered ideas for resolutions.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Christina for twins. Our boys are older now, but we plan to continue using her when one of us travels for work.


postpartum doula client, parent of 3

Postpartum Doula Care Packages

*Additional charges apply for multiples

What can a postpartum doula do for you?

As your doula, I provide non-medical physical, emotional, and informational support after the birth of your baby.

The tasks I provide each day will depend on the priorities discussed together before beginning services and on your particular needs that day.

Support can include some or all of:

  • Physical and emotional support of the birthing partner (listening to your birth story, fears, frustrations, concerns; monitoring your postpartum recovery; rebozo massage; healing herbs; etc.)
  • Baby care education and support (assistance in bathing, feeding, comforting the baby, cutting baby’s nails, organizing the nursery/your home, etc.)
  • Babywearing education and assistance
  • Bodyfeeding and/or bottle feeding support
  • Preparing simple, nutritious meals or snacks in your home
  • Answering the phone and door
  • Light housework (laundry, vacuuming, emptying garbage, straightening up the house, dusting, dishes, etc.)
  • Watching the baby and/or older children on the premises, so parent(s) can rest in the home (I cannot watch children without a parent present)
  • Referrals to other professionals as needed
  • Telephone, text, and email support

I do not do major housecleaning tasks, such as mopping, washing windows, or yard work.

I do not diagnose any medical conditions for you or your baby or give you medical advice. If you bring to my attention or if I notice anything of concern, I will refer you to an appropriate health care provider.

I do not make parenting, medical, or other decisions for you or speak for you. I may assist you in finding information and resources, or remind you of your decisions as previously discussed.

I do not take overall care of your baby. My goal is to help you become confident and secure in your own abilities as a new parent and family.

Christina helped us after the birth of our daughter, because I had severe complications, and was not able to care for her at night. My husband was pulling 100% of the weight, so we brought Christina in at night to help. 

She was a true Godsend, not only giving my husband a break from caring for both a brand new baby and his wife who needed extra help, but also giving us both peace of mind knowing that our daughter was in great hands and getting the best care. She was non-judgmental, gave us suggestions as new parents, and took care of all the household duties that we had been neglecting. We bonded over our individual health issues, and she just got down to our level and made us feel like long-time friends

She even helped on some days when my husband was back to work, and I needed to get to appointments. Even though it was only 4 hours, it gave me enough time to feel like a real person, and get out of the house without a little one in tow. I cannot recommend Christina enough!


postpartum doula client

Payment terms

I serve clients on a first-come, first-served basis. You may book my doula services for a minimum of 4 hours per daytime visit.

You may pay by cash, credit, or debit cards. I can also arrange for gift cards toward your service to be available for baby showers and gift registries.

A nonrefundable retainer of $1,000 is required to hold your spot on my calendar at the time you sign a service agreement.

Full payment of your service fee is due prior to service, no later than 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date (EDD). Weekly, biweekly, and monthly payment plans are available.


Inquire about postpartum doula care

My availability for doula clients is limited. Please contact me well in advance of your due date so we can get you on my calendar!

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