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Virtual Doula Service

Christina is an absolute gem. I don’t know what we would have done without her. Her knowledge and compassion for parents and babies is bar none. She helps you feel super comfortable, is never judgmental and supports you as you glide, or stumble, into parenthood.

Jennifer H.

postpartum doula client

When a new baby enters your life, so do hundreds of questions.

  • How do I know if my baby is getting enough to eat?
  • My baby won’t stop crying and I’ve tried everything I can think of!
  • Why does their poop look like this?!
  • When will my baby ever sleep?!?!?!

Sure, you can ask other parents…who may or may not be able to relate.

You can ask Dr. Google…which might give you more information than you want to know.

Or you can get the expert support and guidance you need, exactly when you need it.

Imagine having a trusted friend and experienced postpartum doula just a text away, ready to lend a helping hand whenever those bedtime worries or daytime questions arise.

I’m Christina Mensah, your postpartum doula on demand!

I’ve been where you are. I raised my own two babies–born just 16 months apart–and I’ve helped hundreds of families navigate those first wild, hard, and beautiful months at home. I love to care for babies, but most of all I love supporting families in caring for themselves.

I can only be in one place at a time, but through Doula Christina on Demand, I can offer personalized, compassionate support tailored to your unique needs and schedule.

You deserve to feel supported, and you don’t have to do this alone.


Christina was extremely helpful in providing me with valuable information about how to deal with the digestive issues I was experiencing with my early term child. I am more knowledgeable about swaddling, sleep issues and how to deal with gas issues and weak latch.


postpartum doula client

On-Demand Virtual Postpartum Support

When your baby won’t sleep or cries for hours, you can’t wait weeks to talk to someone who doesn’t even know your baby or family. With Doula on Demand, you can get help quickly from someone who understands your needs.

Initial Consultation (up to 90 minutes)

All support packages start with a Zoom or phone consultation to go over the specific newborn and postpartum issues that matter most to you. From sleep positioning to feeding techniques, from decoding diaper contents to soothing strategies – no question is too big or too small. And the best part? You can talk to me from the comfort of your own home or wherever is most convenient.

Optional Ongoing Support (text or Voxer)

Parenting doesn’t stick to a 9-to-5 schedule, so why should your support system? After I meet your family, you’ll have access to ongoing text and Voxer support whenever you need it. Whether it’s a quick question, a reassuring pep talk, or just someone to listen, I’m here for you every step of the way. You can expect to hear back from me within an hour from 7am-9pm Pacific time, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just book text/Voxer support?

No, every support package starts with a consultation. My goal is to offer you the best support possible, and that comes from an in-depth understanding of you and your family’s needs. The initial consultation does include a week of text/Voxer support to help you get started with what we discuss!

When can I text you for help?

You can text anytime you need something! I’ll answer within an hour during the hours of 7am-9pm Pacific, 7 days a week. At other times, you may have to wait longer to hear from me, but I will always get back to you.

Can I add ongoing text/Voxer support after my consultation?

Yes! If you decide within 6 months of your consultation that you need a little more ongoing support, you can add a support package without booking a new consultation. Babies grow and change quickly, so I want to make sure you always have the help you need!

What can I ask you about?

I can provide general advice and information about:

  • Feeding
  • Diapering
  • Safe sleep positioning
  • Setting up safe spaces for baby and the whole family
  • Establishing routines before and after you and your partner go back to work
  • Postpartum nutrition
  • Birthing parent’s recovery

I do not provide medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I also do not make parenting or other decisions for you. When necessary, I’ll refer you to appropriate providers and resources.


I credit Christina with helping me to recover and keep my sanity! She provides a listening ear and nonjudgmental support. Christina’s warmth, kindness, and experience made it easy to trust her in our home and with our newborn baby. She quickly felt like an old friend. Connecting with Christina was such a gift and we were so sad to end our time with her! Would highly recommend her services!


postpartum doula client

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