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We were directed to Christina by the recommendation of my midwife and couldn’t have asked for anyone more amazing. Both my husband and myself went through a private childbirth class with Christina, as well as rented our birthing tub through her.

As first time parents planning a homebirth, we found her class to be incredibly helpful, really building the foundation for us to be a solid team for the birth of our daughter.


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Birth is beautiful! Not only is your baby entering the world, but you and your partner are also becoming parents. 

If you’re scared or anxious about the birth process, you don’t have to be. The Birthing From Within class helps you plan for a positive birth experience (including how to flow with unexpected circumstances), grow closer to your partner, and prepare a firm foundation for the next stage of your life. 

We will talk about the labor and birth process, pain management techniques, postpartum recovery, and other important information, but this is not your mama’s birth class. You will have the opportunity to spend emotionally intimate time with your partner (with rose petals, oils, massaging, the whole nine yards!), create birth art, and even channel your inner coyote to build strength and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Birth can be transformative and magical if you approach it with awareness, and that’s what we will do through the Birthing From Within class.

Childbirth & Newborn Care Classes

Private childbirth classes cost $350 for one 4-5 hour in-person session. (Virtual classes are an option but I strongly recommend in-person. I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19.)

Private newborn care classes cost $75 for one 1-1.5 hour virtual session.

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I recommend booking a childbirth class at least 8-10 weeks before your due date so you have adequate time to prepare emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Please contact me for childbirth class availability.

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