Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Closure After Birth

Bengkung Belly Binding

If you want to speed recovery of your stomach muscles, support your posture for breastfeeding, or just pamper your postpartum body and find emotional closure after pregnancy and labor, consider bengkung belly binding! 

This Malaysian tradition uses long, beautifully hand-dyed cotton or muslin wraps to bind your abdomen and hips as you recover from birth. Unlike Western-style belly bands, the bengkung wrap can be loosened or tightened to custom fit your body as it changes during the recovery process and is both supportive and flexible.

What does wrapping do?

Pregnancy and birth is all about opening your body for your baby and binding will help reseal you physically and emotionally. Binding encourages your stomach muscles, which have separated during pregnancy, to strengthen back together in a shorter period of time, helps to reshape your hips, can assist with diastasis recti and helps to support posture while breastfeeding. It also reduces the postpartum “pooch” that many women experience as their womb and stomach organs protrude out due to poor muscle control in the abdomen.

How do I wrap?

As a trained professional, I can bring you a luxurious, soothing postpartum experience in the comfort of your own home and show you how to continue wrapping on your own. The simple act of taking ten minutes a day to wrap your body and do something exclusively for yourself when you are doing so much for the baby can bring great emotional benefit as well physical healing.

When can I wrap?

Most new moms can start wrapping within 1-2 days after vaginal delivery. If you have had a cesarean delivery, you should wait two to three weeks. Consult your physician if you’re concerned about postpartum wrapping.

What do I use to wrap?

I make my own belly wraps from 100% cotton muslin. The wraps are hand-dyed, hemmed, and machine washable. All wraps are 10-12 inches wide, the perfect width to fit around hips and abdomen without bunching up. Wraps come in a variety of lengths from 10-15 yards, depending on your specific size. All wraps come with detailed instructions on how to continue wrapping without any assistance.

Bengkung Belly Binding Rates

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