Just like family, but better.

For being new parents with no family on the west coast, we decided a doula would be of great help. Christina was very helpful and supportive in dealing with all the new aspects of having a baby. She obviously loves babies and we had complete trust in her with our tiny human!


postpartum doula client

When we moved to Tacoma in 2016, I lost my joy. Usually, I can talk to anyone, but I found myself having the hardest time making new friends in my mid-30s. My children were older when we moved, but I can only imagine how hard it would be to go through such big changes with a newborn in the house.

That’s why I do what I do.

A new baby is a big change, whether this is your first child or your fourth. With my professional training and decade of experience, I provide the active and non-judgmental support you need to adjust to your new normal and feel like yourself faster.

I do more than just hold babies, though obviously I love that part! My suite of services is specifically designed to wrap your family in love and care, from the first contractions to that first months at home.

  • My Birthing from Within classes prepare you and your partner physically, emotionally, and relationally for the next stage of your life. 
  • If you are planning for a water birth, I can deliver, set up, and disassemble a birth tub so you can focus on your birth experience instead of logistics.
  • I offer postpartum doula support packages, including care for multiples so you can get some much-needed rest and develop a healthy, functional routine for your family.
  • To support the physical and emotional recovery of the birthing parent, I provide placenta encapsulation and bengkung belly binding.
  • My newest service, postpartum meal preparation, stocks your kitchen with nutritious food for the whole family and takes the hassle of meal planning off your plate. 😉

I’m a parent, just like you.

I have been fascinated by the birth process since I was eleven years old, though I did not go through the process myself until a bit later! Raising my two daughters, who are only 16 months apart, has been the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. 

But it’s not always easy. 

I was diagnosed with cancer during my first pregnancy, and we completely changed our eating habits because of that. I know firsthand how important food is for our bodies and souls. I am so grateful for the support of my husband, family, and friends, who helped me become the (mostly) calm, confident, mama I am today.

…with a few extra qualifications!

Recent Training

  • Infant CPR and First Aid, ongoing and up to date
  • The Food Doula — Professional Prenatal Nutrition Program, 2022
  • The Food Doula — Infant Nutrition, 2022
  • Birth Smarter — Birth Smarter Pro, 2022
  • Perinatal Nutrition Academy, Dr Nina Marie 2021
  • Dr Bobby Gharheri — Understanding Tongue Tie
  • Miscarriage & Newborn Loss, 2021
  • Manhattan Birth — Integrative Lactation & Feeding Specialist Programme, 2021
  • Pandemic Doula Training, 2020
  • Newborn Care Solutions — Foundational Training for Newborn Care Specialist, 2020 
  • GOLD Tongue Tie Symposium, 2020
  • Manhattan Birth — Breastfeeding Basics for Doulas, 2015

Birthing From Within

  • Doula and Mentor, 2011-2018
  • Birth Art Educator, 2012
  • Introduction in Birthing From Within Educator and Doula Training, 2011

    International Placenta & Postpartum Association

    • Postpartum Doula Training, Dec 2015
    • Postpartum Training, Feb 2015
    • Placenta Encapsulation Training, Feb 2015
    • Advanced Placenta and Postpartum Recovery Techniques, October 2013
    • Placenta Encapsulation Training, April 2013

    Client Testimonials

    {I was recommended by my midwife and I was so happy she was available for her services. This was my third home birth and I loved all of her attention to details. She came over early the next morning to clear the tub, got my placenta, and didn’t need me to do anything. I stayed in bed the whole time with the baby. A couple days later she came back with the placenta pills and added a couple of extras: some breast pads with a nice bag, a picture of the placenta, and the cord in a little fabric bag. My favorite part was the little pamphlet she gave with the pills, cord and breast pads. The pamphlet had dosage of pills and directions and some very uplifting advice. I would recommend her to everyone.
    birth tub and placenta encapsulation client
    {We were directed to Christina by the recommendation of my midwife and couldn’t have asked for anyone more amazing. Both my husband and myself went through a private childbirth class with Christina, as well as rented our birthing tub through her. As first time parents planning a homebirth, we found her class to be incredibly helpful, really building the foundation for us to be a solid team for the birth of our daughter.  Christina ended up being an incredibly invaluable part of my daughter’s birth when I went into labor three weeks early. She immediately dropped everything early in the morning and rushed over the birthing tub to ensure I would have it for labor (even if it was a week before our scheduled drop off date). Thank goodness for her, as she was the one who realized just how far into labor I was, and prompted us to call my midwife, even being kind enough to stay until my midwives arrived. Both my husband and I absolutely adore Christina and would recommend her to anyone and everyone. 
    birth tub and childbirth class client
    {I had Christina encapsulate my placenta for my 3rd pregnancy following my 3rd c-section. Before meeting Christina, my knowledge on the process was limited, but walking into my third c-section, and knowing that when the baby and I returned home after surgery and there were already two healthy active boys waiting for their Mama, I was definitely looking for anything to make the transition as physically and emotionally easy as possible. A few days following our baby’s birth, Christina started me on my placenta capsules along with a few herbs that were meant to help my internal healing after carrying a child and the physical trauma of surgery. Both my husband and I noticed that with taking the capsules, my energy was higher, I was more balanced emotionally, and the cleaning out of my uterus after pregnancy (bleeding) was more intense & complete.
    placenta encapsulation client
    {I was thrilled with my experience with Christina. She provided me with a comprehensive and thorough consultation beforehand. I felt comfortable with her breadth of knowledge and expertise, both about the placenta encapsulation and about hospital procedures. She made arrangements to pick up my placenta so I did not have to worry about any logistics after my son’s birth. She delivered the capsules to my front door quickly, making the process incredibly convenient, and made herself available to me for any questions. After I gave birth, I had a quick recovery, both emotionally and physically. I would eagerly recommend Christina to any expecting parents! 
    placenta encapsulation client
    {We were so happy with the care we received and would highly recommend Christina to others. She’s knowledgeable, experienced, and so friendly. We felt really good with her and felt like we were well taken care of. I am so happy I encapsulated my placenta. It really felt like I maximized my pregnancy, labor, birth, and postnatal experience. 
    placenta encapsulation client
    {Christina has been caring for our triplets for several months. She is on top of things and makes caring for three newborns look easy. She’s very warm and caring and I always feel like my little ones are in good hands. I also appreciate that she will do whatever else she can to make our lives easier like picking up items from the store, washing bottles and folding laundry. I highly recommend Christina.
    postpartum doula client
    {Christina was such a wonderful help to us as a postpartum doula after we welcomed our second child in summer 2019. She provided us with much needed support for several months while we adjusted to having a newborn and a toddler (who absolutely loved Christina). She's a lovely and caring person who will take excellent care of you and your family.
    Sarah M
    postpartum doula client
    {I felt safe having Christina in our home. She is so warm and outgoing. You can tell she brings love into the work that she does. It felt like having family with us from the minute we invited her into our home. I know she has to work when she is here, but she always makes time to check in and see how I am doing and remembers things that are going on in my life. I really appreciate her and look forward to seeing her each week.
    postpartum meal prep client
    {We booked Christina because of her wonderfully warm personality and making me feel like I'd known her forever. My husband was hesitant about us getting placenta encapsulation, but we were able to convince him how important it was. Afterward, he said I was much less anxious and overwhelmed from his prior experience with my other birth.
    MariClaire Eastabrooks
    birth tub and placenta client
    {My midwives suggested Christina's services. She made everything very easy to book and was friendly. We've rented a birth tub before, and we had to set it up ourselves and buy the connections, which was annoying. With Puget Sound Birth, everything was taken care of for us, which was a relief to have one less thing we had to arrange ourselves for our home birth. Christina set everything up and made it really easy.
    Caryn J.
    birth tub client

    Let's prepare for your birth and beyond.

    My calendar fills quickly and I’m often booking 6-9 months out. If you want warm, non-judgmental support from me during your birth and postpartum recovery, contact me today!

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